5 Benefits of Partnering with a Medical Staffing Agency

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Staffing agencies are a great partner to many industries, but they may be the most beneficial to the healthcare industry, where turnover is one of the highest. In a 2018 survey of the healthcare industry, employers reported the following staffing challenges: credentialing, skills assessment, time and expense capture and shift scheduling.

Turnover not only affects a hospital’s bottom line, but also quality of care and employee morale. With the help of a trusted partner, hospitals and healthcare facilities can have peace of mind — efficiently filling their staffing needs while maintaining the highest standard of patient care.

Here are five reasons why you’ll want to outsource your staffing needs.

1. Time is money. Fill your staffing needs quickly.

Finding good talent takes time and focus. However, hospitals and healthcare facilities usually need to fill staffing needs in a turnkey way without burning costs on overtime pay. This is where a good medical staffing partner comes in.

With millions of temporary and contract employees working for staffing companies in the U.S., you’re more likely to find talent quickly and efficiently with the help of a staffing partner. Whether you need to bring on a new employee or find temporary coverage, your healthcare staffing partner can be your go-to source for securing talent in a timely manner.

2. Gain access to a broad network of candidates.

Recruiters at staffing agencies network with some of the most networked in the industry. These relationships prove to be useful when it comes to sourcing the right professional for the job.

With a team of seasoned recruiters, a specialized staffing agency can provide you with a broad network of qualified and vetted professionals. Whether you’re looking to achieve diversity targets, hire niche skill sets or fill seasonal or part-time positions, agencies provide a pool of proven talent that can accommodate your unique needs.

3. Spend less time scheduling and more time doing what you love.

Organizing work schedules, juggling time-off requests and approving overtime can be tedious and time consuming. In times of staff shortages and scheduling conflicts, you may even find yourself leaning on your existing staff, which can lead to burnout and loss of employee morale.

Working with a staffing agency will help free up time for your core responsibilities, which in return makes for more productive teams and effective operations. Your internal HR team is more effective when focused on building culture and training — rather than scheduling interviews, posting job listings and vetting candidates.

4. Reduce your cost per hire. Increase your bottom line.

Hiring in healthcare can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Taxes, payroll, workers’ comp and other benefits can add up and affect your bottom line — not to mention the time it may take your internal HR team to vet each candidates’ resume. Often, you might find yourself screening many more employees than you actually hire.

By outsourcing background checks, drug testing and other onboarding processes to a staffing agency, you can limit your cost per hire and secure thoroughly vetted professionals.

5. Assess candidate and culture compatibility.
Internal HR teams often assess if candidates are a good fit based on their resume and interview performance. Unfortunately, this doesn’t determine if the candidate will be good fit for the company culture, which is often the cause for employee turnover.

By working with a staffing agency, employers can see employees in action before extending a permanent position. This “trial” environment and flexibility is a win-win for both employers and employees because it offers the opportunity to assess compatibility. This can potentially reduce the high-turnover rate that the healthcare industry has often seen, and it can reduce the costs of hiring, firing and overtime compensation.

Overall, it is important to see a staffing agency as an extension of your team. A trusted partner such as Prosperity Medical Staffing Group will invest the time and resources into understanding your culture, ideal candidate and industry needs.

Prosperity Medical Staffing Group has placed highly-qualified physicians and nurses at many of the nation’s top hospitals and healthcare facilities for temporary, locum tenens, travel and outsourcing assignments nationwide. Our clients enjoy 24/7 customer support, quick turnaround times filling their open positions, access to a broad network of talented doctors and healthcare professionals.

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